Rimrock Dental Clinic provides general dentistry services, cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. Our complete suite of dental services can address all your oral health needs and concerns for your entire family in a single practice.


As a busy parent, the convenience of being able to visit one dental office to take care of all your family members is invaluable. Rimrock Dental Clinic offer services to accommodate your entire family from toddler to grandparents. We are always accepting new patients and we would love to meet your family.


Preventative dentistry is a combination of at-home oral care and care by a dental professional such as Dr. Jason. Taking the time today to care for your teeth and gums will benefit you in the future by significantly reducing or eliminating dental problems.


Missing a tooth is cool when you are a kid. Although when you are an adult, having a missing tooth or chipped teeth is not ideal. Don’t worry, our restorative services at Rimrock Dental Clinic will fix your dental problems and restore the look and function of your mouth.


Rimrock Dental Clinic has the expertise to provide cosmetic dentistry services to achieve that beautiful smile you dream of. We have the technology and experience to provide dental veneers and implants, white composite fillings, teeth straightening services, crown replacement and repairs, and teeth whitening. Our cosmetic services have a natural appearance with a customized fit and match to your individual mouth transforming an ordinary smile into a stunning smile.